We offer 
 24 Hour Delivery in Austin and surrounding areas! 
 Must be 21 to order with valid ID to show driver!



After you place your order through checkout, you will then receive an e-mail to your provided e-mail address with a copy of your receipt. You will then receive a text from the company phone that your order has been processed and packaged. If you didn’t pay yet with the options available, please respond to that text message with the payment method you would like to use and you will receive further instructions via text. Once payment is settled, a driver will pick up your order and text you that the order has been picked up and is on its way!

We are always available for delivery 24/7!

Due to having unique products, we do run low or out of stock on some of our items at times. We will be in contact with our suppliers as much as possible. If we are out of stock please come back and check again in a couple of days and the product you are looking for should be back in stock. Sometimes we will get rid of an item that is not selling well or some other unforeseeable event may make us stop delivering that item. If we get rid of one the items you are looking for, we are working on replacing that item with something similar, if not better!

**If you sell a product that you want us to carry please contact our sales team at etdeliveryatx@gmail.com and we will discuss terms with you.



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